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Student Work

UWM: Art 358/456: Intermediate Darkroom Photography

Aesthetic and technical analog photography with 35mm, medium, and large format cameras; utilizing light-sensitive materials, chemical processes, and digital hybrid methods to produce fine art prints.

UWM: SPT&REC 291: Recreational Arts and Crafts: Digital Photography Fundamentals

     An introduction to digital photography designed for people with little or no knowledge of photography. Students learn the basics of camera operation, explore a variety of photography aesthetics, and apply their knowledge to visual exercises and assignments which build upon the previous. The class is tailored to work with any camera, ranging from cell phones to DSLRs. By the end of the class, students will be confident in camera operation, and idea conceptualization.

UWM: Art 253: Introduction to Photography

     Fundamental aesthetics/techniques of digital photography using digital cameras; focus on camera operation, image exposure, and printing practice for b/w compositions. A class that scaffolds camera knowledge and photography genre exploration to culminate in the creation of a print-on-demand book using new images and possibility builds on previous projects and themes of student interest.

Carroll University: Art 209: Photography I

     This course will familiarize students with the basic skills of still digital photography. This is a non-darkroom course designed to introduce students to the operation of their camera, flash, and accessories. Basic Photoshop techniques, file management, and printing methods will also be discussed. Photographic aesthetics/composition, history, contemporary artists, professional applications, and other non-technical aspects of photography will be addressed through weekly lectures and critiques of photographic shooting assignments.

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