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Family Portrait
Family Outcast - 15
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Family Outcast - 14
Family Outcast - 6
The Hunt
Dining Room
Almost Grown

Family Values


     Nature and nurture shape every aspect of our very being. What nature cannot touch is made up for by nurture; including the enormous developmental role filled by family. The nurture aspect of development is especially seen with families that have a history of mental illness. High expectations within my home, combined with the strained family dynamic due to each’s internal struggle caused many difficulties growing up. Mental illness was never something which was brought up, even with the great history of it within the family tree.

     This series delves into the nurture aspect of my family with the accompanying tensions, relations, and differences in viewpoints. Currently it focuses on my personal struggles with depression in relation to the family, my sibling’s struggles within the home, and my relationship with my father.

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